As a marketer you probably represent a great brand with great values built up over time by a significant ad spend. But all that matters little if it doesn’t translate into increased sales at the moment of truth at end of the funnel – right in front of the shelf.

And while a discount might help increase volume, it rarely increases value – actually discounts can erode an otherwise valuable brand perception over time if used too frequently.

The solution to every problem starts by its recognition, so here are five inconvenient truths that we first need to take into consideration:

1: There are around 40,000 listings in an average supermarket – it’s like your brand is swimming in an ocean of stuff …

2: Only 20% of the shopper’s time is spent actually considering or buying products. The rest is spent navigating and thinking about other things.

3: The average shopper only visits 32% of the shop – he/she might not even see your brand …

4: … and even if they do visit your category, they only spend between 5 and 6 seconds in front of the shelf. Not a lot of time to convince them to “move the hand”.

5: And last, but not least important (and uber-inconvenient): Only approximately 5% of them are loyal to a specific brand – the increasing number of private labels doesn’t exactly help.

Inconvenient? You can say that again…but there are also quite a few positive facts that somewhat balance the equation:

  • 66% of the shoppers “off-road-shop” due to influence from POS-campaigns – so they play a significant role when appealing to our spontaneous nature.
  • According to various studies, 50-60% of our purchase decisions are made in the supermarket, making it a highly relevant place to communicate. And the average family shops there 2 – 3 times a week.
  • The sales staff and category managers play an increasingly important role when it comes to creating experiences rather than mere transactions.
  • An integrated marketing approach – for instance utilising mobile banners, timed ads in social media and selected OOH-media can help your brand stay top-of mind immediately before the shopper enters the supermarket.

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